BCC’s Bryan and Des on the wireless!

Bryan Gregory and Desmond Wilcox of the British Counties Campaign.

Many Warringtonians north of the River Mersey consider themselves Lancastrians. Others say they’re from Cheshire. Who is correct and why are people confused?

Warrington residents and proud Lancashire lads Bryan Gregory and Des Wilcox of the British Counties Campaign were guests of Andy Green and Brian Spooner on Radio Warrington’s Culture Show on Thursday 23rd May to present the facts and displace the myths surrounding the status of Warrington, a Lancashire town yet since 1974 considered to be in Cheshire for ‘ceremonial purposes’.

The discussion covered the reasons for the county confusion in Warrington and the southern Lancashire area, how the campaign was started and the aim to restore by means of legislation the 92 traditional British Counties to their rightful place: properly recognised, signposted, marked on maps and used as a fixed frame of reference for sporting, cultural and addressing purposes.

It’s a topic that always creates a lot of debate, and often hostility in previous local newspaper coverage, but Andy Green told us the station’s Facebook post promoting the show generated the most comments and reactions in recent weeks and I’m please to report, all positive too.

You can listen to Radio Warrington:
• On 1332 AM (medium wave)
• On the website at www.radiowarrington.co.uk

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