British counties sacrificed on the altar of the EU – Rodney Atkinson.


Rodney Atkinson BA MSc published an essay by Gerard Dugdill of the British Counties Campaign which outlines what so many nation states have lost as the European political class set about creating their supranational state. The counties and provinces of European nations (which were replaced by the new regions of the EU) represented the loyalties, histories and cultures of peoples and nations. But they were expendable. Read the full article here.

Rodney Atkinson is one of Britain's most successful political economists, an expert on the constitutional effects of British membership of the European Union and a former occasional advisor to ministers. He has a track record of successful prediction of economic and political crisis. He was formerly a lecturer at the University of Mainz, Germany, and a merchant banker in the City of London.

He was Referendum Party candidate in North West Durham in the 1997 General Election (5.2%) and the lead UK Independence Party candidate for the North East Region in the 1999 European Elections (8.8%).

He is the author of some 80 articles and policy papers and six internationally praised books: Government against the People (1986) The Emancipated Society (1988) The Failure of the State (1989) and on the European Union: Treason at Maastricht (with Norris McWhirter, fourth edition 2000), Europe's Full Circle (third edition 1998, also published in Yugoslavia and Poland) and Fascist Europe Rising (2002 now published in Poland and Serbia).

He has been a contributor to radio and television programmes on both sides of the Atlantic. He founded The Campaign for United Kingdom Conservatism in 1994 and co-founded with Mrs. Lynn Riley, the cross party South Molton Declaration in 1999 (re-launched as the British Declaration of Independence for the 2005 election). He founded the Freenations website.

In recent years Rodney Atkinson has given public speeches in Prague, Tbilisi, Vienna, Warsaw, Lublin, Belgrade and Sofia and has been interviewed on television or radio in the USA, Poland, Australia, Germany and Yugoslavia.

This article published on his website on Tuesday 08th January 2019 asks if our counties were destroyed as part of a European plan and now Britain is leaving the European Union is this a perfect opportunity to restore our counties, heritage and identity.

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